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Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Online Scanner Antivirus

In this post I will discuss a bit about online antivirus scanner. With an online scanner that we need is an internet point with a steady speed. Computer specifications are not necessarily high, because the burden is on the side komputer resource provider's server of the online scanner. If we use a scanner with Antivirus is installed on the computer itself then of course we will spend the resources on our computer for that scan program, especially if the specification that is low then a little less will hinder our work when you're typing or editing pictures.
Hence, emerged the concept of Cloud Computing, where the workload was transferred to the server application providers, such as antivirus scanners, word processing programs, etc.. Even in the design of the future all applications will be transferred to the server and the user just use it, without bothering to put it on their own computer that will ultimately be more cost effective because it does not need to buy software legally. Here I will give you the links you can use to perform an online scan of your computer. Interested in trying.

* Panda Active Scan (managed by Panda Security that makes Panda Antivirus program). When you try it will come out the steps in 2 stages where there will be installation of plug-in Active Scan 2.0 when you open it with Firefox.


* Bit Defender Online Scanner (managed by Bit Defender that has proven tough enough to make the antivirus, just like the panda online scanner, we have to install the plug in first)

* ESET Online Scanner (if run with IE it will directly be used, but when using mozilla must download esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe)

* F-Secure Online Scanner (managed by the company winning antivirus program last year 2010 version, the main requirement if you want to use this online scanner is a computer must be installed Java from Oracle)

* Kaspersky Online Scanner (One of the largest companies in producing well-known antivirus programs with the black list of illegal key-key issued by many hacker sites. Drawback of this online scanner is only scanning one file only)

* TrendMicro House Call (One of the online scanners that are strong enough, one of the conditions to be able to use it is a must download launchernya, provided for 32-bit versions and 64 bit)

So thats all of my tips, I will update again a few tips on the front.

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