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Friday, March 4, 2011

Make Computer Start Faster

There are times when our computers start up very slow, actually it's because our computer configuration that load automatically at initial program start-up, for example an antivirus program. To overcome this we must change the configuration of our computer start-up can be applied both in win XP or Vista or Sev7n, the way is as follows:

This step for win XP, among others:

1. Click the Start button and select Run

2. Type msconfig and press enter

3. Configuration window appears System Configuration Utility

4. Choose the Startup tab

5. Inside that tab remove the check mark in the box start-up items that are not needed

     For example adobe arm, reader_sl, Google Update, IDMan etc.

     But not to remove the check mark for antivirus programs like Kasperksy,

     Norton, McAfee, SmadAV, etc. PCMAV because the program was necessary to protect computer

     you from viruses, trojans etc..

     Above is the picture that emerged from the msconfig in win XP computer. Remove all the check

     all startup items except antivirus program.

A few little tips to speed up start up your computer. There's more tips to speed up start up the computer by removing some unnecessary services which I will discuss in upcoming reviews.

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