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Monday, February 21, 2011

Free 3 Months KIS 2010 (version CBE 10)

In this post I will write about Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 CBE which in fact is a german language. Why do I recommend this CBE KIS, because we can use it for free. Is this legal? of course, because we can use a key that can be obtained free of charge from a German magazine Computer Bild. Feature that provided by this CBE KIS KIS 2010 is no different from usual, only its display or just a different skin. as an example is:

The picture above is the original skin of KIS CBE 10 which in fact is speaking German, but with a little touch of the registry will be able to become the English language in a moment ... hehe.
In order for us to change how it looks to be a kis 2010 as below:

   then we must have official skins KIS 2010 which of course I have provided the link below.
Installation stages CBE KIS KIS 2010 10 the same as usual, just need a little change in the registry and of course installation Officialnya skin.
The steps are:

1. Download all the links below:
CBE KIS Part 1
KIS CBE part3
Official Skin
For a server at ziddu only:
Official Skin

1. Extract the files master KIS CBE 10 that was downloaded (there are 3 pieces of files) into kisde-infotekno_indonesia_blogspot_com.msi. Double-click the file
2. At the time of installation the languange is in German. Do not worry you can just press the button Weiter> to finish (finish).
3. After that, will appear the windows activation KIS CBE 10, insert the key (sn) that you downloaded earlier (the number in the notepad file and jpg image)
4. After the activation process is complete you will get a legal key for approximately 91 days, can vary.
5. After CBE 10 KIS installed correctly, there is one problem that is German-language interface for the german ... it does not matter for german people but for us .. hahaha
6. This is where you need to use a Skin Official KIS 2010, to change the main interface from German into English.
7. While to change the German language you can entered into the start menu select Run and type regedit
8. In the main window search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/KasperskyLab/protected/AVP9/environment. Find a string with the name of the localization (in the right window), then double click the value in the form from de to en. You have turned the KIS CBE 10 into english

    1. Now that the language changed to English, the next step is to change the skin or looks. Go to settings menu then look at the appereance. There, click the "use alternative skin". Then click browse and navigate to the folder Office Skin (which you previously extracted).
2. It's finished!! KIS CBE 10 have same look of KIS 2010 installed with the view that you can enjoy for approximately 90 days.
That is the steps to install KIS CBE 10 that are quite complicated, but actually easy .. hehe
If your key is up again you can download my key that will be provided in the front post.
A few tips from me and wait for more tips next article.

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