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Monday, February 21, 2011

Kaspersky 2011 Resetter

Kaspersky is one of the giant companies that produce one of the antivirus programs that are strong enough, that is KIS 2011 and KAV 2011. Honestly I will admit that this program is very good especially accompanied by adequate technical support both in terms of updates and program types, there is for the server, administration kits, etc.. Update its database was quite easy you just click the update button and all went well. However, among those users who use the key or serial number that is illegal, of course, this key is scattered everywhere and can be easily obtained. However Kaspersky did not stay silent, they also have a database of key which is illegal and will do blocking of illegal key. Are you not tired with the black list the key KIS or KAV?  Of course you are tired, so here I'll share a few ways to get the key KIS and KAV  legal but illegal:)), why do so because here we will get a trial key for 30 days which is of course legal. Called illegal because we can only obtain the key once during our install KIS or KAV, but with this way we will obtain a trial key not just once but many times:)). Here's how:

1. Download reg key in
2. Save the key in your documents and extracts.
3. Go to settings Kasperky, find self defense and Uncheck, then exit kaspersky until the program no longer run on your computer
4. Double-click the file KasperskyRestartTrial.reg and click yes, wait a moment
5. Start KIS or KAV from program start menu
6. When you first open the KIS or KAV the program will display the activation window, then select Activate trial version, wait a while and finally we get the key trial version for 30 days.
7. Repeat this every time the key will run out, and if we repeat it over 12 times means that we get the full KIS or KAV a year:))
8. This method requires an internet connection for a moment at least for 5 minutes, so if we do not have private Internet networks such as the "speedy", we can use our handphone that can be used as a modem itself and taking credit for the cost of gprs.
A few tips from me for KIS and KAV 2011, as well as my credit goes to maker reg key and that is Sachin Tangoria a web master from India.
There is also a version of the german-speaking Kaspersky CBE where we can get the original key for kaspersky without the need to search for illegal key or trial reset again and again. The way I discuss in this article

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