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Monday, February 21, 2011

Kaspersky KTR 9.11 by Nikko

In this post, I'll make a post about Kaspersky Trial Resseter 9:11 KTR v10 by Nikko. If the previous post I made a post about kis resseter with reg key, then at this time I will give a tutorial kaspersky reset by using a program called KTR 9:11 v10. This program was made by Nikko which is have a lot of small utility programs that are useful for many users, especially for ressseter KIS. Immediately, the steps are as follows:

* Download the program here KTR 9:11 v10 (ziddu)
or here (
* At the time of download, Antivirus KIS will detect it as virus / malware, because this program is considered as a malicious program to do the hack to the KIS (but does so in fact ... he :-). to avoid it you should download from Internet cafes that do not use KIS as antivirus, or you can turn off your KIS briefly by right click in taskbar KIS icon bottom right, select exit, then your KIS were no longer active but you will be vulnerable to computer viruses and malware from the internet.
* Extract all the files in it, double click the extracted file (KTR911_v10_by_Nikko.exe)
* It would appear the program dialog v10 KTR 9:11
* Tekan.readme to read step (in English) click OK
* As already explained in his readme, turn off self defense in KIS settings by going to the setttings and into self-defense settings and remove the check mark on Enable self defense. Then click close.
* Exit KIS by right-clicking the icon in the taskbar and select exit
* Press Reset Kaspersky button then wait a moment while the Activation Wizard of KIS appear
* In the Activation Wizard KIS select Activate trial
* It's finished and you get KIS trial for 30 days
* Do this for 12 times during a year, then you get the trial reset KIS free for a year ... he
A few tips from me and do not forget to leave a quality comment. There are also other tricks using the reg key that is more secure in Kasperksy-internet-security-resseter trial with KIS 2011.

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  1. Crack buatan Nikko yg terbaru sdh beredar,

    Berfungsi dg baik sampai saat ini ...