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Monday, February 28, 2011

Word Excel 2007, 2010 Converter to Word Excel 2003

There are times when you type an article or project done by the program micosoft word 2007. But someday we should open the file on another computer but with a different type of microsoft word such as Word 2003. Files that had been typed can not be opened on that computer. To anticipate this, Microsoft is already giving a converter program that can be downloaded directly on their site, called the File Format Converters. With this program we can open a Word file or Excel 2007 on the program Word or Excel 2003 or lower. The steps are as follows:

     * Download the software on the microsoft site or can be here
     * Double click on the program that have been downloaded earlier.
     * The program dialog appears as below

     * Then click on the bottom left on the click here to accept aggreement microsoft license, and click Continue
     * Then wait until the installation is complete as shown below

     * The installation process is complete and you can open a file excel 2007 in word 2003 program

That was a little trick from me, and I am waiting for suggestions and comments.

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