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Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner of 2010 Antivirus Product

In this post, I will discuss about an antivirus that won in 2010 according to the site conducting independent tests on all the antivirus on the market, that was F-Secure antivirus. "F-Secure Corporation was founded in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland with Data Fellows name. In the beginning, their activities consisted mostly of computer user training and build a customized database systems for industrial customers. However, there are opportunities for the development of anti-virus software and they launched the first software that is a big project (heuristic scanner for anti-virus product) in 1991. F-Secure also become a leader in utilizing the World Wide Web so that at the beginning of 1994, they were the first to establish a web-based virus information center with a comprehensive virus encyclopedia. In 1996, F-Secure product family was awarded the Innovation Finland by President of Finland. In the same year, also received awards from the European Commission IT Grand Prize. Data Fellows changed its name to F-Secure in 1999, and listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. In 2001, F-Secure has signed an agreement first operator. In 2008, F-Secure is celebrating its 20th year, an important milestone for any IT company. Above is a quick trip from F-Secure, starting from a small company in Finland and is now transformed into the world's no.1 antivirus company in 2010. Behind F-Secure is Avira Antivir second and third winner is Kaspersky. The three of them beat the other competitors such as McAfee, Norman, Sophos, G Data, and Symantec. If you want to try it for 30 days antivirus you can download it here or on his site F-Secure. That's a little of my reviews and please give constructive comments. For the annual report of AVComparative you can download it here

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