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Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of Free Antivirus Software

On the internet there are various kinds of free antivirus software free for download by all users. Some have features that are complete with all sorts of protection against virus attacks or malware from the internet. Here are some antivirus software that is freely available on the internet. 
 Software include:

* Antivir Personal (

    * Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 10 (

    * AVG Free (

    * Comodo (

    * PCTools Antivirus Free (

    * Dr. Web CureIt (

    * Bit Defender (

    * SmadAV Free (

    * AVI ( / avi)

Of all the antivirus is the most widely used Avira and AVG Free. While the lightest is the Bit Defender and Dr. Web CureIt, but for Bit Defender can only be used during the 30-day trial. While Kaspersky CBE 10 has the same features with KIS 2010 but has a German language interface, so it will be a little difficult to understand. But with a little trick the German language can be changed into English. The trick can be seen in the previous post in
While SmadAV and AVI is an antiviral made by Indonesia, only the antivirus databases are still limited and has not owned a lot. For AVI when combined with plug-in ClamAV it will be double protection with a database of ClamAV. Thats a few little reviews and tips from me, wait longer discussion about the speed and efficiency of each antiviral above in front post.

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